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Known as the “Switzerland” of the America’s and regarded as a safe and friendly country. Costa Rica’s progressive democratic principles and a bounty of unspoiled natural wonders have assured it a bright future. With an amazing variety of natural attractions Costa Rica is a complete tourism destination with all classes of accommodations and services available to travelers whatever their budget demands may be.

Hotel La Finisterra began operations in 1997 at a time when there was little in the way of touristic development on West coast of Costa Rica. However in the following decades tourism became the catalyst of an economic boom that was to profoundly change the country and turn Costa Rica into a “World class touristic destination.” Tourism became the premier foreign capital earner and the engine driving Costa Rica’s economy.

An ideal climate and close proximity to large markets were primary ingredients that contributed to the shape of things to come. Further enhanced by a variety of natural attractions that include volcanoes, world class sports fishing, diving, surfing, tropical rain and cloud forests, beautiful and undeveloped beaches (over 50 of them in the Pacific Northwest alone) and numerous national parks with uncompromised wilderness areas spread throughout the country. There are few other touristic areas anywhere with comparable levels of public safety, consumer services, modern infrastructure and natural attractions that compare with Costa Rica.

A number of other factors also made this possible. There has been an influx of capital investment by international interests since the early 1990’s. Costa Rica is considered a premier tourism region by high end hotels, spas, and resort groups. Numerous large hotel chains and tourism industry related groups have developed a variety of high quality vacation products all over Costa Rica during the last decade. The government further assisted by putting touristic development on the fast track, an ongoing national advertising campaign and offshore investment in tourism was subsidized with tax incentives. It also invested hundreds of millions dollars of its own in a modern electrical grid, highway system and transportation infrastructure like the international airport in Liberia and other developments throughout the country, most notably on the Northwest Pacific coast and in particular the “Gulf of Papagayo” region of Guanacaste known as the “Gold Coast”. A prime example of this is the “Peninsula Papagayo Touristic Area” near Liberia in Guanacaste and the cruies ship facility in Puntarenas.

Hotel La Finisterra continues to be a bright star in this incredible area. We have been a proud host to visitors for over 15 years and await those still to come to enjoy their vacations in a true paradise on earth.


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